Yahhoy East
Yahhoy East
Vital statistics
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Type region
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Inhabitants  ??
Level 41-47
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Yahhoy East was a region in dragon ball online.

During the events of Dragon Ball Online, some of Frieza's army remnant spent their time looking for Frieza's remains in the area, in the hope that they would be able to revive/restore/resurrect/clone him.

Areas Edit

Yahhoy Outside AreaEdit

  • Outer Wall
  • Badugi Lake

Yahhoy Central AreaEdit

Yahhoy Central Inside AreaEdit

  • Inner Wall
  • Gurgle Tomb
  • The Secret Garden

Yahhoy Secret AreaEdit

  • Shack
  • Yahhoy Ancient Fort
  • Yahhoy Snowfield
  • Yahhoy Ice Cave

Yahhoy Tomb AreaEdit

Mobs Edit

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