Double Whammy BallDouble Whammy Ball Spiritual Power-upSpiritual Power-up     ---> Weakness Dark BeamWeakness Dark Beam Invoke Popo!!!Invoke Popo!!!
                             V                     V                          V
Continuous Homing-shot Continuous Homing-Shot     ---> Vanishing BallVanishing Ball Serene FocusSerene Focus Poisonous Dark BeamPoisonous Dark Beam ChargeCharge
                             V                     V                      V                          V
Imitation KamehamehaImitation Kamehameha Super Vanishing BallSuper Vanishing Ball Intense RageIntense Rage Negative Dark BeamNegative Dark Beam GuardGuard
                             V                     V                      V                          V
Galactic Donut(Cosmic Halo)Galactic Donut(Cosmic Halo) Human Extinction AttackHuman Extinction Attack Play DeadPlay Dead Stony Dark BeamStony Dark Beam Counter-AttackCounter-Attack
                     V                          V
Unbreakable Elastic  Unbreakable Elastic Slow Dark BeamSlow Dark Beam DashDash
                     V                          V
ShoutShout Confusion Dark BeamConfusion Dark Beam Spiritual Defense IncreaseSpiritual Defense Increase
EP Cost ReductionEP Cost Reduction
Pure MajinPure Majin
Knock Out!! Knock Out!!

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