This update will be done in parts as follows.

  • 2nd Week of March:
Certain monster's stats will be adjusted.
New scouter chips will finally drop.
  • 3rd Week of March
New item mechanics involving binding will be added.
New crafting recipes will be added
Crafting materials will drop more often
Item boxes will now drop crafting materials
Non-instance/dungeon supers will now drop crafting materials
Crafting NPCs will now sell some crafting materials
Maximum level restrictions for level 1-30 quests will be removed.
  • 4th Week of March
Random item options will be added
Item durability repairs will improve
Item durability will not decrease as much for a death.
The "Ultimate" difficulty level on dungeons will be unlocked
Rare/Legendary items will be available as drops in Ultimate dungeons
  • Other changes announced but not included in this version.
The Level cap will increase from 50 to 55.
Level 50-55 items, monsters, areas, TMQs, and dungeons will be added.
A pet (mascot) system will be added.
An auction system will be added in West City.
A new PvP system will be added.
Party item drop distribution per item rating options will be available.
Hoi po stones will be obtainable as item drops in "Ultimate" dungeons.
Repeatable quests will be added.

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