Vital statistics
Title Vegeta
Japanese name {{{japanese}}}
Gender Male
Race Saiyan
Role antagonist (formerly during Dragon Ball Z era)
Health 65,500 (TMQ 5)
Level  ?
Status  ?
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Location  ?
Vegeta saijan saga

Vegeta is Top-Class saiyan warrior from Plantet Vegeta. He is the "prince" of all saiyans and when he first arrives on Earth, he acts as if it is already under his control. His arch rival Goku always seems to surpass him which infuriates Vegeta deeply. He lives with his wife Bulma and his son (Kid)Trunks at Capsule Corporation. He can achieve the form of Super Saiyan 4, but only because of Bulma's Artificial Blutz Wave.

Saiyan saga Edit

vegeta first apears in the saiyan saga. after goku defeats nappa, vegeta deems nappa unworthy and kills him. after that goku and vegeta fight, goku had to use the kai-o-ken X 4 to beat him. vegta resourted to transforming into a great ape, though yajirobe cuts off his tail. together, goku, krillin and gohan defeat him.

Frieza Saga Edit

vegeta forcibly teams with gohan and krillin to find the namekian dragon balls. he is nearly killed by recoome until goku arrives to save him. along with krillin, piccolo and gohan they strugle to defeat frieza until he is finnaly killed.

Cell Saga Edit

after witnessing trunks going super saiyan , vegeta pushes himself to the hardest to become a super saiyan until he finally. he kills android 19, though is quickly defeated by android 18. he trains with trunks in the hyperbolic time chamber after seeing piccolo stronger than him. he easily defeats semi perfect cell though is tricked to let him transfom into his final form. he attends cell games with the other z fighters.

Buu Saga Edit

vegeta is put under the spelll of babidi , and becomes majin vegita and forces goku to fight him. goku lets him win, he then moves on to fight majjin buu, knowing that he wasnt strong enough, he self destructed to kill majjin buu. sadly majjin buu survivved by regenerating , so his death was pointless. later after super buu absorbed gohan he was granted time to fight super buu. together goku and vegeta became a super warrior known as vegito, vegito easily toyed with buu until he wa eaten and seperated. goku vegeta freed gohan, goten, trunks, piccolo , and fat buu. thus leaving him as kid buu.


SS Vegeta