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List of mobs according to Dungeons

Sclera1 March 10, 2016 User blog:Sclera1

Dungeon Instances

Yahhoy Fort

Splish Splash Sewer

  • RP Mice
  • Rp Dogs
  • RP pig?
  • Water Lizard
  • (flying fish Saibaman)
  • Dark Frogs?
  • Mosquito
  • Large Insect

Dragon Cave ?

HoiPoi Mine

Ultiamte Dungeon 1- Red Ribbon Army Underground Ruins

Ultiamte Dungeon 2- Dr. Gero's Lab/Robotics facility

Ultiamte Dungeon 3

Ultiamte Dungeon 4

Ultiamte Dungeon 5

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