Splish Splash Sewer
Splish Splash Sewer
Vital statistics
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Type Dungeon
Location  ??
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Inhabitants  ???
Level 15-18
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Splish Splash Sewer was some sort of sewer fountain that was built in the shape of Majin Buu's head. It was located on along the southern edge of Franfran Desert North and was the location of a dungeon.

In the dungeon, most of the mobs were members of the red pants army.

(lv. 15 - 18)

Mobs in Dungeon Edit

  • RP Mice
  • Rp Dogs
  • RP pig?
  • Water Lizard
  • (flying fish Saibaman)
  • Dark Frogs?
  • Mosquito
  • Large Insect
  • Thirsty Ladybug

areas in Dugneon Edit

  • Splish Splash Waterway Gate

Speeches Edit

RP army Mouse:

  • It's cold and I'm sleepy... When will my partner come for his shift?
  • What did you come to steal? Unless you knock me down, you won't steal anything! *squeek*

  • "What's the purpose of those people? A group of bad things..."

  • You came here looking for the water samples? It looks like you came here without my