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South Mushroom Rocks
South Mushroom Rocks
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Level 51-55
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South Mushroom Rocks was the southern area in Mushroom Rock. It featured Paella's Castle as a dungeon. It was beleived Dudekamin was located somewhere in the region.

Areas Edit

  • Newbridge Village
  • Mushroom Saleyard
  • Fairy Village
  • Naniya Lighthouse

Moon Hill Area Edit

Newbridge AreaEdit

  • Newbridge Farm
  • Wolf Land
  • Paella Factory

Yiseuri AreaEdit

  • Yiseuri Lake
  • Nara Footprint

Paella Market AreaEdit

Mushroom Gang AreaEdit

  • Mushroom Gang East
  • Mushroom Gang West

Mystery AreaEdit

  • Bubbling Spring
  • Poison Forest
  • Fairy Circle
  • Fairy Garden

Hemp Forest AreaEdit

  • Gamelan Garden;
  • Nuke Land
  • Nara Great Wall

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