Vital statistics
Title Shenron
Japanese name {{{japanese}}}
Gender Male
Race Eternal Dragon
Faction N/A
Role wish-granter
Location Shenron Altars (once 8 dragon Balls have been collected)

Shenron was the Eternal Dragon of Earth that was created by the Guardian of Earth Kame.

Biograpy Edit

The current guardian oif Earth Dende, deactivates the dragon ball some time after kid Buu's defaet. However, they were reactivated again by Dende again in the Age 1000 to encourage Earthlings to become stronger due to the coming threat of the Time Breakers. Although Shenron was made active, he wish-giving was limited. In addition, Dende created many more sets of dragon ball (each with a shenron). At some point after Kid Buu's defeat, Dende deactivates the Dragon Balls. However, around Age 1000, due to the threat of the Time Breakers, Dende reactivates them in hope of encouraging Earthlings to become stronger, bringing Shenron back but limiting the wishes. Dende also creates many more sets of Dragon Balls (and thus many more Shenrons) and spreads them across the planet, dividing the original Dragon Balls power between them.

Trivia Edit


an instance of the original Shenron as seen in-game

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