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Red Ribbon Army HQ's Ruins
Placeholder location
Vital statistics
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Type dungeon
Location Red Pants Training field?, Korin Forest
Faction Red Pants Army
Inhabitants Red Pants Army
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This place was previously used by the Red Ribbon army as headquarters -Roumet

Red Ribbon Army HQ's Ruins was an a dungeon in Korin Forest in Dargonball Online. It was formerly a base that belonged to the Red Ribbon army.

Mobs Edit

  • Helmet Sapper: White singlets and red pants. (involved in quest regarding abandoned tools.)
  • Bomb Guard Soldier
  • Jiji Infantry (rat): brown back at least armed with mallets.
  • Katrina's medic
  • Helmet training Sergeant
  • Automated Robot Patrol
  • OK Patrol Robot
  • Pig Warehouse Supervisor
  • Wild boar sentry soldiers
  • patrol robot
  • Ultimate Weapon guard
  • Bear Guerila Unit
  • Brainwashing Reginean Trainee- alien with helmet armed with blaster
  • Brainwashing Kettlean trainee - grey/purple-ish skin.
  • Bulls Occupation Forces

  • katelile private?

Boss Edit

Quests Edit

  • RR Headquarters Map North
  • Red ribbon Army ID Update (5/5)

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