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Currently there are three playable races in Dragon Ball Online: humans, namekians and majins.
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Dragonball Online races

Human Edit

The Human race lives on the planet Earth. They are speculated to be mediocre at everything and can fill any role. Humans can currently play 3 classes Martial Artist, Spiritualist, and Engineer. Notable Humans include Kuririn and Tienshinhan.

Namekian Edit

The Namekian race lives on the planet Namek. They are speculated to be adept in melee combat. Namekians can currently play 2 classes Dragon Clan and Warrior. Notable Namekians include Piccolo and Kami-sama.

Majin Edit

The Majin race live on an unknown planet. They are speculated to be adept in support roles but especially in healing. Majins can currently play 2 Classes Strange Majin and Large Majin. Notable Majins include Majin Buu.

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