List of abilities Edit

Tier 1 Edit

Tier 2 Edit

Tier 3 Edit

  • Energy Bullets
  • Kami's Hope
  • Guard

Tier 4 Edit

Tier 5 Edit

  • Super Energy Bullets
  • Kami's Assistance
  • Kami's Desire
  • Dash

Tier 6 Edit

  • Super Ignite
  • Kami's Sponsor
  • Flight

Tier 7 Edit

Tier 8 Edit

Tier 9 Edit

  • Kami's Barrier
  • Kami's Splendor
  • Kaio-ken

Tier 10 Edit

  • Great Namek

Tier 11 Edit

  • Kami's Destruction

Tier 12 Edit

  • Kami's Frustration

Dragon Gods FuryDragon King's Fury    --> Rhythmic TranceRhythmic Trance Slowing DrumbeatSlowing Drumbeat    --> Harmonious DrumbeatHarmonious Drumbeat Plasma MasteryPlasma Mastery
                         V                         V                           V                              V
Anger ExploitationAnger Exploitation Super Rhythmic TranceSuper Rhythmic Trance Confusing DrumbeatConfusing Drumbeat Burning RageBurning Rage Critical Spiritual DamageCritical Spiritual Damage
Black Hole BeatBlack Hole Beat Decrease Skill Activation TimeDecrease Skill Activation Time
Shocking Smooth Beat Shocking Smooth Beat(HTB)

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