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Pilaf's Castle
Pilaf Castle
Vital statistics
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Type dungeon
Location Kinoko Rocks
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Areas 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor
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Paella's Castle was a dungeon in Dragonball Online, in South Mushroom Rocks.

It seems to have been taken over by the galactic Frieza army remnant, turning it into a base, which also includes making a robot supply factory out of it.

Mobs Edit

  • Burning Burning Turret

Bosses Edit

Other Edit

  • Kiri Energy Charger

Areas Edit

Pilaf Castle 1st FloorEdit

Consists of a Robot creation warehouse. Contains utility robots and overseen by Mugglefist.

Pilaf Castle 2nd FloorEdit

OIncludes a control room overseen by Chief programmer Laster.

Pilaf Castle 3rd FloorEdit

Location of Kiri energy equipment.

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