Oil Field Pipe
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Inhabitants Red Pants Army
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Oil Field Pipe was an ultimate dungeon in Dragonball Online that was located in Yahhoy East.

Description Edit

From the looks of the area, the Red pants Army have established the site as a base, where they are holding dinosaurs in pens and using alien technology to pump the oil.

Mobs Edit

  • Dinosaurs (Dimededon?)
  • Greased Guard Robot
  • Time Breaker paella gang?
  • Big raptors? (super, ultra)
  • Giant Toads

  • Robot (torso)
  • giraffe red pants
  • Ghost
  • Ghost (ultra)
  • RP bat
  • RP walrus

Bosses Edit

  • Saibaman turtle boss
  • Giggler 1
  • Giggler 2 (Alien army boss in disguise)

Areas Edit

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