North Mushroom Rocks
North Mushroom Rocks
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Level 47-50
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North Mushroom Rocks was the northern area in Mushroom Rocks. It is also where the player can find the Paella Gang.

Areas Edit

Old Museum Area Edit

Junk Area Edit

  • Yura Valley
  • Beetle Bug Crater
  • Scrap Station

Pilaf Castle AreaEdit

  • Pilaf Fountain
  • Fuel Tank
  • The Great Hall
  • Carmel Bird Raceway

Mobs Edit

  • Mushroom Gang member: biped yellowleopard with sack and has mushrooms on its face.
  • Mushroom Saibaman (cactus saibaman?)
  • Mushroom Gang Plunderer: biped black leopard with sack and has mushrooms on its face.
  • Drum Mole Cricket
  • Full House Flying Squirrel

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