Naraku art.
Naraka in-game
Vital statistics
Title Naraka
Japanese name {{{japanese}}}
Gender Male (presumed)
Race Namekian
Faction Evil Namekian
Role antagonist
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Location Earth

Naraka (also known as Demon General Naraka) was a Namekian who was the leader of the Evil Namekians on Earth.

History Edit

In Age 940, Naraka was born from an Evil Egg, that was created from the evil within the hearts of the Namekians who moved to earth. It was discovered and then careful sealed and kept stored.

During AGE 972, Naraka hatched from his egg and started to spawn comrades and started a civil war among the Namekians.

Trivia Edit

Naraku's name comes from Naraku (奈落), one of the Japanese names for Hell as it is depicted in Buddhism.