A part of earth resembling Namek.

The Namekian race lives on the planet Earth before its destruction. They now reside on a terraformed portion of the Earth, similar to Namek. They are speculated to be adept in melee combat. Namekians can currently play 2 classes Dragon Clan and Warrior. Notable Namekians include Piccolo and Kami-sama.


The melee class for Namek. Adept in all sorts of weaponry, Warrior is an essential master of arms. Currently speculated to be one of the tank classes in DBO, Warrior can branch out into several expertise areas through their skill tree. Notable Namekian Warriors include Piccolo.

Dragon ClanEdit

The caster class for Namek. Adept in the art of spirit energy much like the Human Spiritualist. It is currently speculated that they will also serve as a support role in DBO. Notable Namekian Dragon Clan members include Kami.

Namekian closeup