Unnamed Majin

A Majin NPC

Majin is a race in Dragon Ball Online. It is one of three races that is playable in Dragon Ball Online.


The Majin race was created after Majin Buu wanted to find love after reading a book about love and created another Majin named Booby. Buu shot Booby with a Love Beam, which made her fall in love with him. They married, and had a child (nicknamed Baby Buu). The child created a wife, and the cycle continued. After the population increase slowed down, they populated 1/3 of every dominant race on Earth, and the Humans and Namekians started calling the race "Majin".

Mighty MajinEdit

The fighting class of the Majin race, which have balanced physical attacks and self-buffs that pertain to defense and fewer to self-healing (i.e. from restoring lifepoints to curing poison).

Wonder MajinEdit

A spiritual class that earns powerful spiritual attacks and effect-causing debuffs.

Player strategies Edit

Majin race