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Karin Forest (also known as the Sacred Land of Korin) was a location on Earth that was the location of Axe Rock and was the home of the Karinga tribe. In legend, The Tribe settled there after the Tribe's anscestor, Iko defeated the residing mammoth known as Mothman.

It was an area in Dragonball online and was below Yahhoy West, and to the left of Westland.


Great Tree Area Edit

Sea Breeze Area Edit

  • Korin Fishing Village
  • Korin Ancient Forest

Little Mermaid Area Edit

  • Little Mermaid
  • Sira Beach

Korin Holy LandEdit

Red Ribbon HQ's Ruins AreaEdit

Tougan River AreaEdit

Mobs Edit

Tougan area Edit

  • Wallus Sentry
  • Brainwashed Giant Kaboong
  • Brainwashed Giant ... (bee?)
  • Area revealer?

  • (CC camera?)