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Kettle-seijins (also known as Kettleans) were an alien race that were members of the Frieza army. They, along with the Rejin-seijins and Toaster-seijins were the first of the forces of the Frieza army remnant to arrive on earth.

Unnamed Blue Alien Time Breakers were blue cybernetic aliens that were encountered at Kame House and were fought by the player and finally defeated by Time Patrol Trunks.

They appear to be similar to another race located in the Pilaf's Castle instance.

Biography Edit


Their skin colour ranges from pale pink to dark blue. Each wear a Frieza army uniform that was customized for their race. Their uniform only only has one shoulderguard or the non-cybernetic hand. the head seems to have a skull-cap or skullplate with something like a gem that had the time breaker marking. They exhibited what is presumed to be a cybernetic arm.

Some of the Kettleans, such as those in the Paella Memorial instance, had striped yellow beetle-like across their head.

Mobs Edit

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