HoiPoi Mine (instance)
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Vital statistics
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Type dungeon
Location Topaz Area, Westland
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Julia (boss)
Areas HoiPoi Mine
HoiPoi Mine Storage
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  • For the location outside of the instance, see HoiPoi Mine.

The HoiPoi Mine was a dungeon located in Westland.

Description Edit

A former mine containg Hoi Poi. It was presumably taken over by the Time Breakers who have set up a base. In some areas, it is shown that they were creating or turning insects into robotic ones, as well as ultimately, either storing or sapping kiri from an unknown origin. The area is also home to some insect life as well. There is also a sublet of broken down androids whcih were being renovated by the Renovation team.?

Levels Edit

  • Hoi Poi Mine
  • HoiPoi Mine Storage

Mobs Edit

Objects Edit

  • Item Box
  • Kiri Extraction Machine

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