True Form Frieza DBO
Frieza in his true form
Vital statistics
Title Frieza
Japanese name {{{japanese}}}
Gender Male
Race Frieza's race (Frost Demons)
Faction Planet Trade Organization
Role Antagonist
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Location Namek

Frieza was a "destroyer" and ruler of planets. He started the Planet Trade Organization (also called the World Trade Organization). His first demonstration of his power occurs when he destroys Planet Vegeta using his Death Ball. When he appears on Namek, he uses a hover-chair which appears to make him look weak. Despite this, he easily handles the Namek warriors that he and his men oppose. Frieza uses various stages of his real form to hide his real power. He was far to strong in his final (or normal) form so he developed other stages of transformations to degrade himself. His first form resembles a small creature with a pointed tail and horns woming out of his head. In this state, he wears the stretchable armor that all members of the WTO wear. His next form creates a tall, muscular monster with horns that come out of his skull horizontal-ish and curve upward. The next form is the one were his head goes under the most transformation. He skull extends backward a great length and he becomes much stronger with great energy beam speed (Crazy Finger Beam has been made in games and also used against Piccolo in anime). His final form is his deadliest form. He turns into a sleek, thin, creature that looks seemingly harmless.

When Goku arrives at the "seen", he is confronted by Vegeta and is told the story of the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Frieza then kills Vegeta. Before Goku arrived, Frieza was mauling the group of Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, and Piccolo. Frieza and Goku battle for a considerable amount of time before Goku creates a Spirit Bomb! After the attack is over, the Z-Fighters begin to celebrate when, suddenly, Krillin spots Frieza! Freiza begins the next battle by killing "the little bald one" which, in return, awakens Goku's Saiyan powers!!! And thus the battle for the galaxy begins! In the end, Goku lends Frieza some of his energy so he can try to escape. As Goku flies away, Freiza lauches an energy wave straight at him. Sadly, his no match for a Super Saiyan and is destroyed by Goku's energy wave that penetrates his.

Frieza (later called Mecha Frieza) makes an appearance in the begnning of the Android Saga along with his father, King Cold, but they're quickly killed by Another version of Trunks.