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Vital statistics
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Location  ??
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Inhabitants Miira's Forces
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Fearland was an area in Dragon ball Online.

Areas Edit

Fear Land

Invader Clinic AreaEdit

  • Harbour
  • Repair Shop
  • Junk Hole
  • West Clinic Field
  • East Clinic Field
  • Spaceship Field
  • Clinic Center Area

Mira Army's Prison Camp AreaEdit

  • Lv1 Jail Area
  • Lv2 Jail Area
  • Lv3 Jail Area
  • Central Camp Area

Central Guard AreaEdit

Mobs Edit

  • Recycling Robot
  • Abandoned Battle Robo
  • Reginean Garbage Dump Watchman
  • Tosterian Trash Transporter
  • Intermediate labor management robot- large Time Breaker robot?? - red and white robot
  • (Buonian)??

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