Dragon Cave North
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Type dungeon
Location Dragon Cave North
Dragon Cave South
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Dragon Cave was a dungeon in Dargonball Online and was located in North Porunga Rocks.

Mobs Edit

  • Cave lizard
  • Red Pants Dogs with batons
  • winged purple things
  • Orange or yellow excavators
  • RP Seal or walrus snipers
  • RP Leopard
  • RP Mice or rats (grey) with no shirts, but with yellow hard hat and hammer, red pants
  • red titled robot -SMG robot
  • hovering Orb robot with Frieza army logo (Sharp Guardsman)- fires a lazer
  • yellow Xenomorph like aliens (Frieza's remnant's? )
  • Dragon cave Lizard

  • Momma Dragon

Quest Givers Edit

  • Lost Baby Dragon