Currently as per the released information by the developing team there are 7 selectable classes which are divided amongst the 3 races. Much of the data about the classes is unknown and as result much of the following is speculation.

Humans Edit

Much of what is known about the humans clases is drawn from Kuririn, Teinshinhan, and Bulma.

Martial Artist Edit

This brute master of melee combat is ideal for any close combat sprawl. These individuals rely on brute force and their fists to have their way with their foes. They specialize in various types of martial arts and can train in any number of unique and special abilities that will enable them to overcome their enemies in this front line role. Notable Martial artists include Yamcha .

Spiritualist Edit

This master of energies draws on the power of nature for their power. Their techniques range from support to damage and can accomplish many different tasks. They specialize in honing their mystic energies to to their will and can train in both support and front line roles. Notable Spiritualists include Chiaotzu.


The master of machinery and inventions. Currently many speculations regarding this class and its uses however what is known is that it will build much of the technology other characters will utilize. One notable Engineer is Bulma.

Namekians Edit

Much of the current information on Nameks is based on Kami and Piccolo.

Dragon Clan Edit

These individuals rely upon special abilities to heal and support their allies. This is entirely a support role job and can only train in the support abilities. One Notable Dragon Clan is Kami.


This master of weapons relies completely upon its arsenal of armor and combat tools. It is solely a front line role job can only train in this role. Notable Warriors include Piccolo.

Majins Edit

Much what is known about the Majin classes is unknown as the current information is very vague. But it is speculated that they will be a support role race based on what we know from Majin Buu.

Large Majin Edit

Very little is known about the role of the Large Majin.

Strange Majin Edit

Very little is known about the role of the Strange Majin.