Chocolay Tower
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Vital statistics
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Type dungeon
Location South Porunga Rocks
Faction Dark Namekians
Inhabitants Chocolay
Mr. Poko Poko
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Chocolay Tower was a building located within South Porunga Rocks that was erected by the timebreakers for Chocolay, in exchange for the cultivation of Dark Senzu Beans. it was made out of ajisa trees (native to Planet Namek) and was cultivated by the use of a water called Namekrystal.

NPCs Edit

  • Kaju (Namekian)


Dark Namekians

  • Ongde- armed with staff - ultra


(Spirit of Namekian)


Ground FloorEdit

The base of the tower was where the Ajisa Trees were cultivated, which were used as an ingrediant in contructing the tower, was also used as vessels for absorbing kiri. The upper floors of the twoer were used to cultivate Dark Senzu Beans.

1st FloorEdit

The first floor Chocolay first of the upper levels is dedicated to the cultivation and extraction of kiri from Dark Senzu. This process is overseen by Chocolay himself, who acts as the level's boss.

2nd FloorEdit

The second floor was dedicated to refining the extracted kiri. This process is overseen by Mr. Poko Poko, who acts as this levels boss.

3rd FloorEdit

The third floor was used or the storage of the refined kiri. The only ones allowed on that floor was Naraka, his elders and Gamelan.

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