Vital statistics
Title Cell
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Gender Male (presumed)
Race Bio-Android
Faction  ?
Role  ?
Health  ?
Level  ?
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Location Earth

Cell is a villian created by Dr Gero. His structure, techniques, and style are made from cells of the greatest fighters in the universe. He was finished being made in the Future Trunks time-line and found out that 17 and 18 where gone. Realizing he was never going to reach his perfect form in that future, he stole Trunks' time machine and traveled back to a time when 17 and 18 existed. The first fight he was in during this "present" time was against Piccolo, were he revealed his Kamehameha Wave. Later on, he absorbed 17 and nearly killed Tien, who prevented him from getting 18. When he fought Super Vegeta he was overwhelmed. Vegeta, wanting a real challenge, allowed him to absorb 18 so he could reach his perfect form. After he absorbed 18, Cell brushed aside Vegeta and Trunks. He then announced that a tournament (Cell Games) would be held in a matter of days. During this tournament, Goku was killed, Trunks was nearly killed, and Gohan became a Super Saiyan 2! Goku had been killed trying to save Earth from Cell's selfdestruction. But Cell had regenerated and learned Instant Transmission along with more strength then before. Hoping to destroy Gohan and Earth, Cell prepared a Kamehameha Wave that would surely destroy everything. But Gohan fired one as well, creating a clash between the 2. In the end, Vegeta attacked Cell from behind giving Gohan the chance to destroy him.

Perfect Form

Perfect Form Cell


Images of Cell's basic form.

In the game, he was revived by Towa and gentically modified to become Cell-X.


Cell as Cell-X